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Enrichment toys for your dog - Part 2

Enrichment toys for your dog - Part 2

As pawrents who dearly love our fur babies, spoiling them with toys is almost a natural instinct. In between playing with the cute and squeaky soft toys, it is also very important to make sure that your pup is challenged and mentally stimulated, especially during early months and years. That's why enrichment toys that encourage your dog to problem solve and work their brain are great! These kind of interactive toys stimulate the mind, help them learn, alleviate boredom, help lower stress and aggression and prevent destructive behaviour. The best way to keep your dog happy and mentally healthy. 

That's why we've updated our list of our favourite brands making toys for your dog's enrichment. Read on for our round of interactive toys that will keep your pooch occupied for ages and will also sit beautifully in your home (because sometimes aesthetics matter too).   


Nina Ottosson 

Nina Ottosson creates some of the best interactive dog puzzles and games for your pup to complete, challenging them sniff out hidden treats by sliding different compartments. Her extensive range of puzzles come in all different levels of difficulty and intelligence so you can find the perfect one that suits your pooch! Once they get good at one level, they can move up to a higher level and the fun continues! 

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Image credit: @meihav @my_doxie_boi


Up Dog 

Up Dog's Odin Treat Toy is a great way to keep your dog engaged. Simply put their favourite treats into the flaps and let your pooch roll and toss around the toy to dispense the treats. Not only is this great for enrichment but its modern and minimalistic design is a stylish option for those of us who like a bit of a muted colour palette. 

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Image credit: @updogtoys


Lambwolf Collective

Meet the brand that's "blurring the line between pet and human things". Lambwolf Collective produces some of the most gorgeous play objects designed for pets and humans alike in a range of muted colours that are sure to complement your lifestyle. Their NOU object is designed to be tied into different knots to keep them engaged and excited with a new challenge with each play. 

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Wild One

Wild One offers a selection of enrichment toys for dogs in all different pastel colour ways. Their Twist Toss toy is perfect to hide treats in or add spread into and freeze, encouraging your pooch to find a way to get to the yummy goodness inside. Their Tennis Tumble Puzzle toy is another enriching option that is good for development and hours of solo play. 

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Image credit: @wildone


Fable Pets

Fable Pets Falcon, as pictured below is designed to keep your pup "endlessly entertained". Challenge your pup with the falcon which holds multiple treat cavities or slow feed your dog with The Game which will ensure that your dog is both mentally and physically engaged while they eat. 

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Image credit: @fablepets


Snoofle Paws

We're sure you've heard of a Snoofle Mat and even considered making one yourself. For those of you strapped for time, Snoofle Paws makes the absolute cutest handmade enrichment dog toys including a puppy favourite the Snoofle Ball. You can even customise your Snoofle to your pup by curating your own colour palette from their wide variety of colour selections.

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Image credit: @tiny.tiny.chopper @mochijspitz


Zippy Paws

Zippy Paws makes some of the cutest puzzles to challenge your dog's mental abilities. They are a fun way to reduce boredom and teach your pup problem solving skills. You can choose from an array of playful designs from donut shaped puzzles to sunflowers. Plus, many of these puzzles double as slow feeders which helps to prevent your dog from eating too fast and bloating as a result. 

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 Image credit: @mrlittle.alfie @zippypaws


The Basic Concept  

 The Basic Concept's dog toys are not only enriching for your dogs but come in the cutest designs that will leave you wanting to buy them all! From story books to cakes to bowls of ramen noodles, these toys are design with many hidden compartments and slots to hide treats for your dog to sniff out. Inside the story books are also mini snoofle mats for you to put treats inside. Sounds like endless fun for your pup! 

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 Image credit: @thebasicconcept_official


The Maxbone

The Maxbone doesn't compromise when it comes to quality and style and their dog toys do not disappoint. Out favourite is their Toy Bundle in collaboration with Bala, which includes a set of durable toys perfect for play. You can even stuff treats inside the sand dog bangles designed to look like Bala's iconic workout weights. 

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 Image credit: @themaxbone


We hope these toys keep your pooches mentally and physically stimulated! Let us know down below or over over on Instagram what your favourites are and if you have any suggestions for dog enrichment toys. 


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