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Top Dog Trainers in Melbourne

Top Dog Trainers in Melbourne

A significant consideration when bringing home an adorable pup is training, lots of it. Working on good walking skills, recall, reactivity and socialisation is crucial for having a well behaved pooch both at home and in public. But mastering these skills can take a long time, sometimes requiring assistance from the experts. Enrolling in private or group dog training classes is one of the best ways to help your pup learn and improve. 

No matter their age, dogs are always learning and it's never too late to start training. So, if you've been searching for a good trainer, we've got you covered. Read on to discover our list of the top dog trainers in Melbourne. 



South Yarra 

Owner of The Art of Dog Training Michelle McClurg is dog behaviourist with over a decade of experience in dog training. With her vast knowledge and expertise, she can assist you and your pooch in addressing issues within less than a few sessions. Offering both one-on-one in-home and outdoor sessions as well as group classes, you are sure to learn how to become a confident, calm and assertive leader for your pooch.

The Art Of Dog Training

Image credit: @theartofdogtraining



Balwyn North

With a great team of qualified and experienced trainers, Positive K9 Training centres its training around management, obedience and socialisation, effectively teaching clients how help their pup be a well-rounded pet. Offering packages for both puppies and adult dogs, these include a private in-home session followed by group obedience classes. They also offer online training and competition training in a range of dog sports. 

 The Art Of Dog Training

Credit: @positive_k9_training 



Hawthorn East 

Founded and run by Tamara Jackman, Underdog Training offers a wide range of classes from puppy-preschool to group obedience to private sessions. They run regular group classes split into novice and elementary levels across Brunswick East, Braeside, Kew and Hawthorn East. They also offer dog behaviour consultations and agility classes for your pooch. 

The Art Of Dog Training

Image credit: @underdog_training




Offering private and group dog training around the South Eastern suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula, Sankiri Dog Training, founded by Lorraine McLennan, helps clients gain success in behaviour and obedience. Teaching dogs to trust their owners and understand boundaries, all of their group classes are divided into basic, intermediate and advanced levels were pups will progress from head halter training to off lead work. 

The Art Of Dog Training

Image credit: @sankiri_dog_training




Established in 1989, Command Dog Training School is one of Melbourne's largest dog training companies headed with a great team of experienced trainers. Offering a range of programs differing in difficulty and in-home to group classes, there is something for every pup's needs.  

The Art Of Dog Training

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South Yarra 

Good Dog Behaviour and Training is founded and run by certified trainer and dog behaviourist Tim Watson along with his furry companion Elliot, who assists with the training of other dogs. Offering all kinds of training from puppy development to addressing behavioural issues, his approach to dogs has made him a highly sought after trainer with many programs and packages to choose from. 

The Art Of Dog Training

Image credit: @gooddogbehaviour 




The K9 Company offers something for every pooch and their owner with group classes, puppy training, private classes as well as seminars and workshops where you can learn how best to take care of and train your pup. Its experienced trainers will help you build the best relationship with your dog and achieve positive results with their vast knowledge and experience.  

The Art Of Dog Training

Image credit: @candymantoro


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