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Dog Grooming Products

Dog Grooming Products

While it may be difficult to see a dog groomer at the moment, it's important to maintain your pups coat so that they're always feeling and smelling fresh. These are our favourite brands selling dog grooming products. Don't be fooled by the gorgeous packaging, these products are for the four-legged kind only!


The Hound Lab

The Hound Lab is a Byron based brand that is lovingly creating natural dog care products for your furry friends. Their grooming products eco-friendly, cruelty free and fragrance free so they're good for the planet and your pooch.

Shop The Hound Lab here.

Bourke St. the Label - Dog Grooming Products - The Hound Lab
Image Credit: @thehoundlab_


Bondi Wash Dogs

Bondi Wash has crafted their own gentle dog wash perfectly suited to calm sensitive skin. Their formula repels insects and kills bacteria to keep your pups clean and itch-free all the time.

Shop Bondi Wash here.

Bourke St. the Label - Dog Grooming Products - Bondi Wash Dogs

Image Credit: @bondiwashdogs



Houndztooth has such a variety of thoughtfully formulated grooming products for your dog. Their range includes everything from goat milk based and oat milk based products to waterless shampoos, conditioning sprays and more.

Shop Houndztooth here.

Bourke St. the Label - Dog Grooming Products - HoundztoothImage Credit: @houndztooth_au


Harlow Harry

It's no secret that we love Harlow Harry. Their conditioning shampoo is one of our favourite products to nourish your dog's coat and give them that healthy shine.

Shop Harlow Harry here.

Bourke St. the Label - Dog Grooming Products - Harlow HarryImage Credit: @harlowharry


Aesop Dog Wash

Our favourite skincare brand has formulated their very own animal wash for the pampered pet. This mild wash is for cleansing sensitive skin and maintaining your dog's coat.

Shop Aesop here.

Bourke St. the Label - Dog Grooming Products - Aesop Dog Wash


We hope you love trying out some of these new products. If ever unsure about trying a new dog grooming product (particularly if your dog has sensitive skin), always check in with your vet to see what would be best for your four-legged friend.


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