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The Best Doggy Daycares in Melbourne

The Best Doggy Daycares in Melbourne

As pawrents, we love our furbabies dearly and when we're away, whether that be for work or other commitments, it's hard not to worry how our pooches will manage and pass the time alone. Thankfully, doggy daycares can put your mind at ease, providing the perfect place for your dog to hang out while you're gone as well as socialise with other furry friends. They are also great for mental stimulation, exercise and enrichment for your pup. You can best bet they will be pooped after a fun-filled day of playtime and games. 

So we've rounded up a list of some of Melbourne's best doggy daycare services so that you don't have to. Some even offer drop off and pick up and grooming services — talk about convenience!

Dogs HQ


Conveniently located on Hoodle Street, just minutes away from the CBD, Dogs HQ has been noted as one of Melbourne's most reputable doggy daycare services and for good reason. Run by a passionate and experienced team, this daycare offers large play areas with built in tunnels, ramps and agility equipment as well as time for brain training puzzles, games and toys. Dogs HQ also offer a spa service so your pooch can come home fresh and clean after a day at daycare. 

Best Doggy Daycare Services

Image credit: @dogshqdoggydaycare

Pitter Patter Paws


Run by a loving team, started by Amanda Curin, Pitter Patter Paws will leave your dog's tail wagging and face smiling. Packed with fun activities throughout the day, what sets this daycare aside is the fact that if offers both daytime and nighttime care for your pooches! This is perfect for those who may not have a 9-5 working schedule. Your dog can also be pampered with a groom at Pitter Patter Paws in between playing in their large, roomy pens. 

Pitter Patter Paws

Image credit: @pitterpatterpawsmelbourne

Kip Dog Daycare

Brunswick, Bayside, Blackburn, Bayswater, Fairfield, Kew East

Previously known as Ka-Pooch, Kip boasts an impressive six locations across Melbourne. Divided into groups based on size, temperament and age, your furry companions will enjoy a day of mentally and physically enriching activities as well as lots of cuddles of course! At Kip you also have the option for a full day or half day of daycare as well the additional option for washes if you choose. 

 Dog Daycare

Image credit: @kipbayside.vic

The Dog Dazzlers


Establishing themselves as one of Melbourne's leading dog groomers, The Dog Dazzlers expanded into their services into daycare and we are so glad they did! A bright and colourful, love-filled space for your doggo, you can rest assured at work knowing your four-legged friend is in safe care. Each pup also gets designated enrichment time with a variety of toys and puzzles giving them a good mental workout. 

Melbourne's Best Doggy Daycare

Image credit: @thedogdazzlers

Bones and Harmony


Providing the perfect amount of enrichment and playtime for your dog or puppy, Bones and Harmony is a modern daycare with pens for different times of the day. This includes the Mind-Boster pen equipped with snuffle mats and puzzles, the gymnasium for agility training and the rest pen. Bones and Harmony also takes pooches on group walks where they can run free in off-leash areas. 

Melbourne's Best Doggy Daycare

Image credit: @bones_and_harmony


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