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Dog Friendly Pubs

Dog Friendly Pubs

Who’s ready for the weekend? We sure are! We’re treating ourselves to a trip to some of our favourite dog friendly local pubs in Melbourne.

1. Harlow BAR

447 Church St, Richmond

Harlow Bar features one of Richmond's newest rooftop bars, and this brand new rooftop not only caters to doggos, it celebrates them! Their ‘Puppy Pals of Harlow’ mural features a selection of local four-legged legends and extends across the length of the rooftop. This mural can be seen from far and wide and we think it’s the perfect tribute to our furry friends.

Check out #puppypalsofharlow to see all their happy hounds!

Learn more about Harlow BAR here.

Bourke St. the Label - Dog Friendly Pubs - Harlow BAR
Image Credit: @reginaldthecavoodle

2. Newmarket Hotel

34 Inkerman St, St Kilda

Kick back at the Newmarket Hotel this weekend and don’t leave your pups at home! This St. Kilda pub is a favourite with the locals and their doggos alike. They’re serving up all of the pub classics, even your fluffy friend can enjoy their very own Puppy Parma!

Learn more about the Newmarket Hotel here.

Bourke St. the Label - Dog Friendly Pubs - Newmarket Hotel St Kilda
Image Credit: @newmarketstkilda

3. Great Northern Hotel

664 Rathdowne St, Carlton North

The Great Northern Hotel doesn't just allow dogs, they encourage them! They even profess to  love having man's best friend at the pub as much as their humans - we can certainly relate to this. Please note, dogs must enter and exit through the Beer Garden gate on Pigdon Street.

Check out their Instagram @dogs_of_gn to see all their fluffy friends!

Learn more about the Great Northern Hotel here.

Bourke St. the Label - Dog Friendly Pubs - Great Northern HotelImage Credit: @greatnorthernhotel

4. Lulie Tavern

225 Johnston St, Abbotsford

You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see their iconic blue neon ‘Lulie’ sign. Shake off the week to some rock n roll with your four legged pals down at Lulie Tavern this weekend. Check out #dogsoflulie to see some of their most adorable customers!

:earn more about the Lulie Tavern here.

Bourke St. the Label - Dog Friendly Pubs - Lulie Tavern

Image Credit: @luliesttavern

5. Stomping Ground Collingwood

100 Gipps St, Collingwood

The Stomping Ground Beer Hall is a converted warehouse turned brewery and social hub. Fluffy plus ones are encouraged at the Stomping Ground Collingwood. Your pooch is more than welcome in the Beer Hall. This space comes complete with water bowls to keep your pup hydrated while you enjoy one (…or a few) of their in-house brews.

:earn more about Stomping Ground Collingwood here.

Bourke St. the Label - Dog Friendly Pubs - Stomping Ground Collingwood

Image Credit: @ivy.prada.pearly 

We hope you enjoy these dog friendly pubs this weekend – let us know which pub was your favourite!



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