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Enrichment Toys for Dogs

Enrichment Toys for Dogs

Throughout the pandemic, many people have become new pawrents to the generation of doggos deemed the COVID Pups. During these early months and years, it's so important to keep your pup challenged and engaged. Here are our favourite brands producing toys for your dog's enrichment that will keep them occupied for ages. 


Lambwolf Collective

Meet the brand that's "blurring the line between pet and human things". Lambwolf Collective produces some of the most gorgeous play objects designed for pets and humans alike in a range of muted colours that are sure to complement your lifestyle. Their NOU object is designed to be tied into different knots to keep them engaged and excited with a new challenge with each play. 

Learn more or shop Lambwolf Collective here.

Bourke St. the Label - Enrichment Toys for Dogs - Lambwolf Collective
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Fable Pets

Fable Pets Falcon, as pictured below is designed to keep your pup "endlessly entertained". Challenge your pup with the falcon which holds multiple treat cavities or slow feed your dog with The Game which will ensure that your dog is both mentally and physically engaged while they eat. 

Learn more or shop Fable Pets here.

Bourke St. the Label - Enrichment Toys for Dogs - Fable Pets
Image credit: @fablepets


Snoofle Paws

We're sure you've heard of a Snoofle Mat and even considered making one yourself. For those of you strapped for time, Snoofle Paws makes the absolute cutest handmade enrichment dog toys including a puppy favourite the Snoofle Ball. You can even customise your Snoofle to your pup by curating your own colour palette from their wide variety of colour selections.

Learn more or shop Snoofle Paws here.

Bourke St. the Label - Enrichment Toys for Dogs - Snoofle Paws
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Happy Paws Co.

Happy Paws Co. makes some of the cutest puzzles to challenge your dog's mental abilities. Many of these puzzles double as slow feeders which helps to prevent your dog from eating too fast and bloating as a result. 

Learn more or shop Happy Paws Co. here.

Bourke St. the Label - Enrichment Toys for Dogs - Happy Paws Co.
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Kong Company

Chances are that you have already purchased from or head of the Kong Company. Their Classic Kong is a staple for new puppy pawrents looking to keep their dog stimulated and engaged through play. However, they also have a wide range of enrichment and puppy specific toys from teething sticks, balls, tyres, ropes and everything in between.

Learn more or shop Kong Company here.

Bourke St. the Label - Enrichment Toys for Dogs - Kong CompanyImage credit: @maplethegroodle_


We hope these toys keep your puppies mentally and physically stimulated! Let us know over on Instagram what your favourites are and if you have any suggestions for dog enrichment toys.


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