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Bourke St the Label - Ovolo Hotels Melbourne

Welcome to our ultimate guide to dog-friendly hotels in Melbourne. If you're a pet parent planning a getaway in the vibrant city of Melbourne and don't want to leave your furry friend behind, you're in the right place. Throughout this blog post, the team at Bourke St the Label will take you on a tour of the best hotels in Melbourne that warmly welcome dogs, ensuring both you and your canine companion have a memorable and enjoyable stay. From luxurious accommodations to thoughtful amenities, we'll highlight the top spots where you and your pup can create unforgettable memories together. So, grab your leash and let's embark on an adventure exploring Melbourne's finest dog-friendly hotels...

1. QT Hotel

QT has opened its doors to furry companions, welcoming all dogs weighing under 20kg. Their pet-friendly accommodation offers the epitome of luxury staycation experiences for both you and your pup. QT's Head of Treats, Nic Wood, has curated an indulgent dinner menu exclusively for in-room doggy dining. Additionally, each room comes equipped with a pooch-friendly mini bar stocked with an array of treats for your furry guest.

While you soak in the ambiance of the Rooftop at QT, enjoy drinks at the Secret Garden Bar, or indulge in sweet delights at The Cake Shop, your furry friend can enjoy a stroll or a refreshing wash with QT's bespoke grooming service to ensure they look and feel their very best. Learn more here.

Bourke St the Label - QT MelbourneImage credit: QT Hotel 

2. Ovolo Hotels

At Ovolo, we take great pride in our V.I.Pooch experience designed exclusively for your beloved four-legged companions. Your furry friend will be pampered with a plush doggy bed, a stylish dining mat for mealtime, and a special doggy bag filled with a variety of treats and toys. This package is thoughtfully crafted with dogs in mind, ensuring that they receive the royal treatment they deserve. Rest assured, your pooch will be treated like the VIP (Very Important Pooch) they truly are. Learn more here.

Bourke St the Label - Ovolo Hotels MelbourneImage credit: Ovolo Hotel 


3. Zagame's House

Situated in Carlton, Zagame’s House is a boutique hotel that welcomes your furry companion with open arms - their motto is 'Home Is Where The Paw Is'. Upon arrival, your fur-baby will receive a delightful bag of goodies and complimentary access to the 'Furry Movie of the Month'.

While you indulge in the delectable seasonal menu crafted by acclaimed chef Chris Bonello at Lord Lygon Wine Shop, your beloved pooch will be treated to 24-hour room service and Zagame’s carefully curated menu of nutritious dishes. It's a win-win for everyone—bon appétit!

Contact Zagame’s Dog of the House at so that Hugo the Groodle can approve your pet before booking your stay. Learn more here.

Bourke St the Label - Zagames Melbourne

Image credit: Zagame's House 

4. W Melbourne

W Hotel stands tall as one of the leading names in luxury accommodations in the vibrant heart of Melbourne, W Melbourne boasts breathtaking vistas overlooking the Yarra River. And the best part – it's pet-friendly!

Embracing our furry companions, W Hotel presents an exclusive 'P.A.W. (Pets are Welcome) Program' tailored for dogs under 18kg. Upon arrival, your beloved pup will be greeted with a welcome packet brimming with toys, treats, and other delightful surprises. Pet-friendly rooms are thoughtfully equipped with a custom pet bed, food and water bowls, and special turndown treats crafted exclusively for our four-legged guests. Additionally, W Hotel offers an array of additional services catered to your pet's needs, all available at your request. Learn more here.

Bourke St the Label - W Hotel MelbourneImage credit: W Melbourne

Prior to booking your stay, be sure to contact the hotel first so that they may approve your pet and to ensure their pet-friendly rule have not changed. Note that bringing your pet may also incur extra fees for the dog-friendly amenities and services offered by these hotels. 

We hope you enjoy these luxury stays in Melbourne with your four-legged besties! Let us know in the comments if you have any other hotel recommendations:


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